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Live Loops is the site for free drum loops. The philsophy behind this site is to provide free loops which were played live by a real drummer (me). It's an alternative to perfect sequenced beats played by an Octopus. Great for those looking to inject a live feel in their recordings and a bit of dodgy timing. If you like them, have any suggestions / requests or make something cool with them let me know.
I've not the included bpm info on these as I'd rather spend time playing. They should all be pretty simple to work out with a tap tempo button or with software like live.
Latest News : 24/02/06 A new site is still in the works. This will be a complete overhaul with plenty of new loops and much nicer design.
Old News : 29/12/04 All loops now saved in Garageband format
Old News : 02/01/04 Yes the site is very empty with just the one loop but it's early days and I hope to start filling it out over the next few weeks.